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Electrical Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Program Diploma Teknik Elektro
Jl. Yacaranda, Sekip Unit IV
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Kricak Kidul Tr I/1064, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
@ Microelectronics
@ Low Power/Voltage Circuits
@ Analog Circuits and system
@ Electronics and Instrumentation
@ VLSI Design
My lastest scientific work is related to microelectronics, starting with design and prototiping hardware model for my bachelor’s thesis that is used for laboratory equipment in High Frequency Laboratory, Gadjah mada University. It turned to analog circuits for my master’s thesis, mainly focusing on study of low power 3-stage CMOS ring oscillator.
Jan 2005–Now Teaching Staff at Electrical Engineering & Information Technology Department, Gadjah Mada University
Oct 2002 – Jan 2005 Product Engineer at PT. Omedata Electronics (sub-con of Cypress Semiconductor), Bandung, Indonesia
June 2000 – July 2002 Test Engineer at PT. YEB (sub-con of Yoshikawa and OKI Semiconductor), Bintan Island, Indonesia
1999–2000 Electronics Design Engineer at High Frequency Lab., Electrical Engineering & Information Technology Department, Gadjah Mada University:
@ Design and built data acquisition hardware for some sugar factory in East Java.
@ Design and built Laboratory Equipment for Unissula University, Central Java.
@ Design and built phi/4-DQPSK hardware for Bachelor Thesis
@ Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng) Degree in microelectronics from Electrical Engineering Department, Kyushu University, JAPAN (planned to Graduate in 2012)
@ Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Degree in microelectronics from Electrical Engineering Department, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok – Thailand (Graduated in 2007)
@ Bachelor of Engineering (ST) Degree in Electronics from Electrical Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta – Indonesia (Graduated in 2000)
Bachelor Thesis
Supervisor: Ir. Budi Setiyanto, MT and Prof. Adhi Susanto, Ph.D
My bachelor research is related to phi/4 DQPSK (Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) modulation and de-modulation hardware model. I made the hardware model to simulate the how phi/4 DQPSK works, DQPSK is one of various methode to modulate or demodulate digital signal with a high frequency carrier. This hardware model then is used at High frequency Laboratory, Gadjah Mada Univeristy as laboratory equipment for student to learn about Modulation and de-modulation.
Master Thesis
Supervisor : Assoc. Prof. Ekachai Leelarasmee, Ph.D
My master research is concerned about Analizing and Design 3-stage single-ended CMOS current controlled ring oscillator, This research describes a ring oscillator using 3 stages of an NMOS driving a current load and a capacitor. Its frequency can be shown to increase monotonically with the load current giving rise to the name current controlled oscillator (CCO). The CCO circuit using 180µm/0.18µm NMOS with 1pF load can be tuned to oscillate from 468 Hz to 305 MHz using load current from 1nA to 1mA.
An accurate derivation of the formulae relating the frequency with current has been derived. Its calculation result agrees with the simulation result to a high accuracy within 1 %.
Then the effect of the channel length modulation has been attempted to derive using the same method, but it is too complicated to be solved.
Original and improved CCO are designed. They have output frequency of
10.02 MHz and 10 MHz respectively. The improved circuit employs additional
buffers to make it is considerably more linear than the conventional one.
A.I. Cahyadi, P. Nugroho and Y. Yamamoto, “Hybrid Design of Passive Mobile Robot Teleoperation System“, ISMAC2009, Bangkok, Jan. 2009
Prapto Nugroho, Ekachai Leelarasmee,”Analysis Of A 3-Stage Single-Ended CMOS Ring Oscillator”, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Fieldwise Seminar (EEE FWS) on ” Advances in Systems and Information Technology, Bangkok, Thailand , November 22-23, 2007
Prapto Nugroho, Ekachai Leelarasmee, Nobuo Fujii,”Tuning Analysis of 3-stage CMOS Ring Ocillator”, ITC-CSCC2006 (International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communication), Chiang Mai, Thailand, June, 2006
[Assalamu:alaikum WrWb]

Welcome to my Website
My name is Prapto NUGROHO, NUGROHO is my family name. I was called Tato at home but my neighbours and friends in my neighborhood call me Tatok. My Family in my grandfather’s village where I was born call me Nugroho. At the Office and school they call me Prapto, In Thailand My Laboratories friends call me Tato but now in Japan as their custom, they call my family name NUGROHO. so its up to you to call me… in japanese, We say omakase simasu.

I was born at a kitchen of a traditional & very minimalist house located in a beautiful village. People call that village “Soko Lor”, Lor mean north, so … you can guess by its name…it is in The North of Soko Village. This Village is under an administration of The Mlokomanis Sub-District in the north of The Wonogiri District, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

I spent my childhood in Jogjakarta, in the kampong, A sub-urban area named Gandekan Lor….[yes..you are right..it is in the north again]…I was here before I entered my kindergarten school when We moved to The North of Jogjakarta [north..again].. Bedeng Pingit for about ten years, until We moved again to Kricak Kidul [finally Kidul/South though it’s still on the north Jogja] when I was in my second grade high school.

My parent said that I was an anti-school in my earlier childhood, until someday when everyone entered school and I had no friend to play with. I got my education from kindergarten through undergraduate school in Jogjakarta, A well known as Indonesian city of education. I went to Bangkok, Thailand to pursue my Master of Engineering Degree (M.Eng), and now I am here in Japan for my Doctor of Engineering Degree (D.Eng).

After my graduation from undergraduate comes, I worked in several companies, started with japanese company owned by YOSHIKAWA Semiconductor in Bintan Island, continue at Cypress Semiconductor’s company in Bandung for about 2 years, and finally moving back to Jogjakarta, Gadjah Mada University (Electrical Engineering & Information Technology Department).
My latest scientific work is related to microelectronics, starting with design and prototyping hardware model for my bachelor’s thesis that then used for laboratory equipment in High Frequency Laboratory, JTETI UGM. It has turned to analog circuits analysis & design for my master’s thesis which is mainly focusing on study of low power 3-stage CMOS ring Oscillator. Now I continue my work on VLSI Design for PLL based on Ring Oscillator.

[Wassalamu:alaikum WrWb]
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